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The bright lights of tomorrow

John Kippen is a Motivational Speaker and a master storyteller. He not only entertains with his humor and magical skills, but inspires audiences.

John inspires teens to discover what makes them happy and encourages them to become out-of-the-box thinkers and how to be compassionate to others. Teens leave his talks with a sense of "Awe and Wonder" and some new skills, while realizing that we all have unique challenges and no one is alone.

John suffered partial facial paralysis after a successful brain tumor removal surgery in 2002. He demonstrates how performing Magic allowed him to regain his self-confidence after his surgery. As you watch him perform, you focus on his skills as a performer and his deformity disappears. John’s ultimate illusion.  John's talk is both funny and authentic and students, educators and parents walk away being amazed and inspired to find joy in their own lives.

​Drawing from his experiences of being bullied as a teen, he shares his insights on ways teens can adapt and surround themselves with peers who have similar challenges and interests.  As someone who has gone through adversity and health issues resulting in his face being paralyzed, he shares how he came to love himself again by finding his passion for performing magic.

Educators should more often be inspired and reminded why they chose education as their career. John shares how several special teachers made an impact in his life and taught him how to be a creative problem solver. We all need educators who take a special interest in students and help guide them while as they navigate the challenges of being in High School. Educators of all levels leave his talks with a renewed sense of purpose and with some new tools that will help them connect with students who are silently crying out for someone to care.

Parents are tired and frustrated because they have trouble "connecting to their teen." With insights from his relationship with his parents, he suggests ways parents can bridge that gap and learn how to communicate better and improve their family dynamic.

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