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Magical Entertainer


John Kippen

John Kippen is a Magician , Mentalist , Corporate Speaker and a master story teller. He not only entertains, but inspires audiences. John suffered partial facial paralysis after a successful brain tumor removal surgery in 2002. He demonstrates how performing Magic allowed him to regain his self confidence after his surgery. As you watch him perform, you focus on his skills as a performer and his deformity disappears. John’s ultimate illusion. John's show is both funny and authentic and audiences walk away being amazed and inspired to find joy in their own lives.


John is a successful business man and has a bi-coastal I.T. support company. In his Corporate speaking act, he shares his insights on how he has been able to build a company from the ground up and lead others by example. He uses his skills as a magician to entertain while he teaches important fundamentals in team building and improving business relationships. 


John sets himself apart for other Corporate speakers immediately as he explains why his face is paralyzed and audiences immediately identify with him and are eager to learn how he turned a deformity into his super power. John’s stories about how he utilizes his honed problem solving skills in his role as CEO of his support company as well as a Magician/Mentalist demonstrate some of his secrets on how he has become so successful while remaining happy and fulfilled . 


John recently spoke at a TEDx conference at UCSD in front of over 600 attendees about how we all should treat people who are different with the respect and compassion they deserve. He inspired the mostly college aged audience to a standing ovation.


John has studied performance , improvisation and Magic with some of the greats such as Doug Henning, Bob Fitch and Johnny Thompson. He is a regular performer at Hollywood’s Magic Castle and has performed for celebrities including Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Guest, Orson Bean, Steve Martin, Kelsey Grammar to name a few.


Prior to his speaking engagements, John researches the company and tailors his talk so it is relevant to the intended audience.

See Magic Now!

Filmed at The World-Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California

Show in Virtual Reality. Move around the room to see audience reactions

Don't gamble on your entertainment!


With all the options in entertainment these days, it's not always easy to make the right choice.  A proven hit with audiences worldwide, CONTACT JOHN NOW to make your event amazing!

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