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You are

Not Alone.

Who just might inspire you to find your Superpowers!

John has interviewed some

Amazing Individuals

Mahdi Gilbert

Award-winning sleight of hand Artist and motivational speaker.

Kathy Gruver

Award winning Author, TV Host and Motivational Speaker.

Jay Jay

Successful TV Host, Gifted Magician and renowned Motivational Speaker.

Jacob Green

Award winning Author, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach.

Eric Samuels

One of the top Performers and Creative Forces in his field, lecturing to Magicians and Mentalists worldwide.

Irwin Royes

The World's Smallest Magician.

Crystal Marshall

An Aspiring Actress and Inspirational Speaker.

Alan Silva

An Extraordinary Aerialist from America's Got Talent who proves that size doesn't matter.





Our conference would not have been as successful without the inspiring words of John Kippen. His mix of magic, mind-reading, and storytelling stole the show. If John can, I can too!

Salwa Khan

Chief Organizer - TEDx SDSU

John is one of those rare performers who immediately makes audiences feel comfortable, as we can sense that, no matter what unexpected events are thrown his way, he’ll be able to handle them.

John Davidson

Genii Magazine

He knows what it is like to come from a place that is different from the rest of the world. But this didn’t stop him from achieving success and helping others do the same.

Justin Webber

Red X Magazine

John Kippen has successfully taken motivational speaking and magical stagecraft to a whole new level!

Paul Stewart

CEO Weekly

I've always been fascinated by Close-up Magic. For my birthday last year, my Family brought John Kippen in to entertain. He is one of the best Close-up Magicians I've ever seen!

Alex Trebeck

TV Star & Game Show Host

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