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Card to impossible location for Paul Zerdin winner of AGT 2015

In August of 2015 I was performing on a Monday night at the Palace table at the Magic Castle. About 11:00 pm, a couple approached the table and sat down. The gentleman looked familiar, but I couldn't place him. I did a show and afterwards he introduced himself as Paul Zerdin. Paul won America's got talent in 2015 with his ventriloquism act. He was at the Castle with his fiancee Robyn Mellor seeing a friend who was performing in the Palace of Mystery.

As a part of my show, I asked Robyn to sign a card to make it unique and she chose the 2 of hearts. The card vanished and appeared in a sealed envelope in a zippered pocket in my wallet removed from my jacket pocket.

After my show was done, the three of us chatted until closing time at the castle. As we left, Paul and Robyn told me they had to be in Las Vegas at the Planet Hollywood hotel by noon that next day for a rehearsal for their Las Vegas show in whi8ch they both appeared. When Robyn got to the dressing room to change for her rehearsal, she found her signed card on the makeup mirror in the Planet Hollywood dressing room.

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