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My self image caused me to vanish for almost 12 years

Recently I was asked to compile pictures of myself from the past 20 years for the upcoming documentary that is being produced about me. As I browsed my photo library, I came to an eye opening realization. There was a 12 year gap where I had no pictures of myself. I realized because I hated the way I looked in pictures, every time I was in a situation to have my picture taken, I found a way to get out of it. I would slip into the bathroom, or make myself scarce. I realized that not only did I not have pictures of myself, that my closest friends also had no pictures of me.

Almost 12 years of my life was not documented because I hated my face.

All of a sudden, in August of 2017, that all changed. I attended my first magic convention in Las Vegas called Magic Live. I was amongst some of the greatest magicians in the world. I had the opportunity to talk and learn from many magic idol’s of mine. I made a conscious decision to not let it bother me anymore and I took pictures with these great magicians. It’s like I finally felt comfortable in my own skin. I have many pictures of myself after that convention.

This is another sign how following one’s passion , in my case Magic. Was the best therapy imaginable.

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