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In and Out impossible Magic

About five years ago, I was performing for a group of ladies at the Magic Castle on a Monday night. At the conclusion of my act, they introduced themselves as Medical Students from UCLA and they had a personal questions for me. " What happened to your face?" I explained to them about my brain tumor ( see the post in my blog ). Being Medical students they were very inquisitive. I didn't care, because the attention from a nice group of women was very nice. We talked for hours . One of the Castle managers politely interrupted us and said it was 1:00 am and the club was getting ready to close. we had been talking for hours. We said our goodbys and on their way down the hall, I overheard that they were thinking of going by the In and Out on Sunset on their way home.

Upon hearing this, I got an idea. During my show for them, i had a woman named Brittany sign the eight of clubs. I grabbed the card from the pack as I headed out the back way and got in my car and waited patiently. A few minutes later, the group exited the Castle and got in their car. As they headed down the driveway, I followed them. Fortunately they had such a good time, they were talking in the car and didn't notice me. Sure enough they headed for the In and Out Burger on Sunset and got in the drive thru. I was right behind them. As I approached the window to order, i handed the nice lady behind a ten dollar bill for her trouble and asked nicely if she would run up to the pickup window and place Brittany's signed eight of clubs in the In and Out Bag that the girls were about to receive. I went home just imagining their reactions when they discovered the card amongst their food.

The next day I saw a post on my Facebook page, from Brittany, " WTF!@" How did you get the card in the bag at In and Out?

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